Spearheading Development of Aerial Data Collection Technology


Partnered with Ascent Vision Technologies, Bridger offers a wide range of ADC capabilities.


Bridger Aerospace is an aggressive innovator in aerial survey technology and uniquely situated to provide aerial data collection services through its close relationship with sister company Ascent Vision Technologies. With a wide range of sensor options, Bridger has reimagined possibilities for older sensor technology and spearheaded the development of innovative technology to fill existing gaps in knowledge.



After recognizing the need for better gas leak detection technology, Bridger partnered with its sister company Ascent Vision Technologies of Bozeman, MT and Mercer Technical Services of Kansas City to develop the most capable and advanced aerial leak detection tool ever made - the CM202G Gas Hound. With our proprietary technology, Bridger will be able to fly pipelines, transfer stations, and gas facilities to detect fugitive emissions from the air. We ensure your operations are safe, efficient and environmentally compliant.


LiDAR Survey


Our Leica ALS70-HP is capable of survey grade LIDAR scans as well as Orthorectified aerial imaging. Leica ALS70-HP is designed for general purpose mapping at the flying heights most widely used, and can accommodate greater terrain relief due to its higher maximum flying height.

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